Personal Security

We develop Mobile app for Safety-and Security for people. This app provides groundbreaking features to prevent crimes like violence, sexual assault and rape, as well as evidence in cases where it has occurred. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive functionality, the Security app can make a real difference when you need it the most. In critical situations, in which every second counts, one simple button push means information, ultimately ensuring that you receive the help you need. A true lifeline which can be easily worn everywhere you go, once you installed it on your device.
Personal Security
Whether you find yourself in an unfamiliar part of the city, in mall or any public and private places, there are plenty of risky situations you need to be prepared for. Keep our Security app in your phone and use the widget to immediately send a distress message to your loved ones so they can find you and ensure your safety. Security app is a simple and efficient solution for people who fall the victims of domestic abuse and violence, as their acquaintances, other family members or friends can take the proper measures for their safety.
Working Area Security
Working Area Security security cannot be overlooked. Besides the security measures provided by one company, people who do highly risking jobs need supplementary protection. This means that security agents in private companies, police officers, agents and building guards can benefit from the Security App whenever they are engaged in conflict & emergencies prevention or intervention.

Technology can save your lives

We know that technology is more than a business enabler, it can also be a life saver. Security App relies on GEO Fencing, GPS tracking and can be used discretely, so no perpetrator can find out you are sending your location details together with your distress call to the ones that can immediately react and intervene for your / your loved ones’ protection. We are committed to technology itself and to all our customers. And while we develop security app for people and our corporate office customers, we worked hard on providing the best apps to keep you and your loved ones safe.
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Corporate Solutions

Our white label App for organizations is the best one click emergency tab solution customized with your company name and logo. Security App uses as an internal solution to their employees to provide help in emergencies.
Emergency Message

By Pressing Emergency Tab the application will send your current position and address to selected people.

Your guardians

Set up your own personal security network of friends and family. Invite as many as you want.

Security Guard App

In corporate offices, Security guard get app to monitor all the people in Office area.

Push Notifications

Get the notification from security based on GEO fencing know whether you are in safe zone or not.

Follow Me

Friends and Family members walk with you via live GPS tracking and you never have to walk alone.

The Emergency Dial

Your phone dials the emergency number (which you can customize), while sending the panic messages via SMS and notification.

App Screens

Beautiful Design and Comfortable User Interface

More On Security App

The Security application is designed to improve the life of all citizens by offering them a higher degree of security in our society. As a mobile device, the application offers users safety guidance in unknown environments (using a GPS option) and helps people feel confident and safe when moving or working.

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