Orda Retail

Included Features

  • Supports keyboard/mouse entry of items.
  • Supports On account sales.
  • Supports "extremely rapid" cash/card out of sales.
  • Can be configured to require a manager password when manually opening the cash drawer.
  • You can customize product size.
  • Save order for later payment.
  • You can re-arrange products for change the sequence.
  • You can also check order history.
  • Allows assigning of a cash drawer number to a cashier station.
  • Allows printing of multiple copies of the credit card receipt.
  • Allows cashiers to print and reprint customer receipts.
  • Allows cashiers to accept cash, credit cards for payment.
  • Allows you to assign a cash drawer to a cashier station.
  • Allows to start and end shift.
  • Password protected.
  • Tax and withholding status information.
  • Allows cashiers to print and reprint customer receipts.
  • Year-To-Date totals supported.
  • Prints reports comparing inventory used in sales to inventory used based on cycle counting.
  • This helps you identify food waste/loss and helps you correct inaccurate recipes.
  • managing sales and purchase of product.
  • You can update and reset terinals.
  • Supports bar code scanning of items.
  • Manally add product using bar code.
  • Allows data file information to be accessed by browsing, reporting, and filtering.
  • Prints daily sales report.
  • Prints monthly sales report.
  • Prints yearly sales report.
  • Prints summary sales reports.

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