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Nutritionists use ideas from molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics to understand how nutrients affect the human body. Nutrients provide nourishment. Proteins, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and water are all nutrients. If people do not have the right balance of nutrients in their diet, their risk of developing certain health conditions increases.
Healthy lifestyle movements have been popular for several years in a row. People have increasingly begun to think about their health and often go in for sports. This also explains the popularity of fitness trackers and smartwatches that monitor activity. But in order to find out restaurant food nutrition, we offer customers a more reasonable and rational solution: a nutrition tracker app.
How It Works for Consumer.
1) Consumers can download the app from app store. 2) Scan the QR code of Restaurant or Hotel 3) Browse the menu of from provided list. 4) Select menu item 5) After selection it will display all information about selected menu. 6) Consumers can add allergen filter, so app will show food that have allergen ingredients. Nutrition information enables consumers to make informed decisions when purchasing and consuming food products in restaurants and hotels. Despite this, the issue of consumer awareness and usage of nutrition information has attracted little research attention in developing countries. Nutrition App is the best solution for consumer who looking after it.
How It Works for Restaurants
Working Area Security security cannot be overlooked. 1) Restaurant owner will have web control access. 2) After login to web control, add menu item recipe. 3) After adding recipe submit that to Nutrition care eye system. 4) After processing on given data, system provide information about recipe. 5) Process data directly display in app with respective restaurant. Dining out used to be reserved for special occasions, whereas recently it is a part of many people’s daily lives and routines. By introducing nutritional information it would benefit individuals who eat out, as improving the dietary habits is an important step in improving public health. If restaurants pay more attention and offer such information, they have benefit positively when consumer dining out with repeated customer.

Technology that share information.

Keeping up with ever increasing customer demand for Healthy menu and know the nutrition information menu is a challenge for restaurant and hotels. Nutrition app gives power to business to fulfill customers need and increase the revenue.
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Key Features

To operate efficiently, your business needs greater visibility and traceability of its devices and assets.

Nutrition App strongly believe in a collaborative approach thus working in food industry domain.

Track. Learn. Improve

Keeping a food recipe helps you understand your customer needs and improve your service.

Logging Simplified

Scan barcodes, save meals and recipes, and use Quick Tools for fast and easy food tracking.

Recipes & Inspiration

On one click get nutrition-information recipes on your phone. .

Allergen Filter

App provide allergen filter for cutomer to choose food while ordering.


The perfect dashboard should be visually appealing and contain only the most essential information.

App Screens

Beautiful Design and Comfortable User Interface

More On Nutrition App

Restaurants can help by placing promoting nutritional facts to guide customers to choose better food items and assist individuals to start learning about Nutritional Information

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