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We are a full-service mobile and web app development company, collaborating globally with leading brands.

We are a vibrant ecosystem consisting of 50 specialized boutiques, each dedicated to cutting-edge technologies including Android, IOS, React Native, Flutter, AI, Python, Blockchain, SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, .Net, and AR VR.

Best Studio Award
from 2013

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With over a decade of profound experience in business development, our IT Service Boutique has been successfully delivering in mobile and web development since its establishment in 2013. Over the years, our trajectory has been marked by sustained growth and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Having spearheaded projects across diverse technologies, our expertise has been honed through collaboration with over 200 of the most innovative and forward-thinking developers. Our journey, shaped by resilience and dedication, positions us as a trusted partner in delivering cutting-edge solutions.

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Rupesh Munot

Founder & CEO
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Rahul Waghole

Co-Founder & CTO
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Rohit Changediya

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Paras Bora

Admin Head

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RSL Solutions catapulted our market reach by 100%. Their innovative approach to mobile and web development transformed our online ordering system, positioning us for unparalleled success. Their commitment to delivering on time and within budget made the entire experience truly fabulous.

Andrew Prince

RWN Trading


Working with RSL Solutions was a game-changer for our aggression management system. They seamlessly integrated cutting-edge technologies, doubling our market reach. The project was delivered on time and on budget, providing a fabulous experience and solidifying our trust in their expertise

John D Byrnes

PTA Academy

RSL Solutions brought our PTA Academy vision to life, expanding our market reach by 50%. The learning platform for gym trainers exceeded our expectations. They delivered the project on time, demonstrating a commitment to excellence that made the entire experience fabulous

Adam Kiani

Safe T Net

Safe T Net, our personal security app developed by RSL Solutions, expanded our market reach by 100%. Their expertise in Native Android and iOS, PHP, and MYSQL Database ensured a top-notch solution. Project delivery was punctual and within budget, offering a fabulous experience throughout.

William Morgan


Amnly, our device safety policy platform, was a game-changer for us, expanding our market reach by 50%. RSL Solutions' proficiency in React Native, Angular, and MYSQL Database brought our vision to reality. They delivered the project on time and within budget, creating a fabulous experience for our team.

Mohammad Hammour

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